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A massive collision between two star approximately one thousand and eight hundred light years away will result a new bright object to appear in our night sky, according to the researchers – however this short-term star will be visible for almost 3-years.

This is the first time specialists have tried to predict a cosmic explosion like this, and the scientists say there is only a "one in a million chance" of being capable to forecast a new bright star before it really appears.

Larry Molnar and his group in Michigan from the Calvin College have been observing on KIC 9832227 (a binary star), which is really two stars that orbiting each other. The scientists predict about these stars that they will collide with each other in 2022 because these stars are getting closer together. That type of merging is actually what we called a red nova, and the subsequent explosion will result a 10,000 fold increase in brightness sufficient for it to be visible from Earth.

This prediction really began in year 2008 when a red nova caused by another binary star called V1309 Scorpii. However the incident was not forecast ahead of time, observed data of it revealed that the orbital period between the two stars falling faster and faster as the collision approached. The group is monitoring the star's infrared, radio, and X-ray emissions using a multiple instruments, including the Infrared Telescope Facility in Hawaii, the XMM-Newton spacecraft in orbit around Earth and the Very Large Array observatory in New Mexico.

If as the astronomers have predicted happens, we will be able to see the red nova explosion in the northern wing of the Cygnus constellation in 2022 remember at that time there will be no need of a telescope.

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