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Researchers using the Subaru Telescope in Japan have exposed a new satellite of the Milky Way that they think is the softest mate ever discovered. The galaxy called Virgo I, connections approximately 50 known companions to our galaxy. It is situated 280,000 light years away and is 124 light-years in diameter, minute even for a dwarf galaxy. For contrast, the Milky Way is about 100,000 light years through.  The galaxy was only lately exposed because it was below the exposure limit of earlier reviews. Observing at it in the sky, it appears 1.5 billion times hazier than our galaxy’s biggest companion, Large Magellanic Cloud, and it is even blurrier than most stars.
The galaxy has a total magnitude of 0.8, making it 1.6 times hazier than our Sun, which is fairly average. Stated in the Astrophysical Journal, this detection implies that Virgo I might be the 1st of many ultra-faint dwarf mates.

Location (left) and a density graph (right) of newly discovered galaxy Virgo I. Tohoku University/National Astronomical Observation of Japan

“This detection proposes hundreds of dim dwarf satellites to come to be exposed in the halo of the Milky Way,” author Masashi Chiba from the Tohoku University, said. “How many satellites are certainly there and what assets they have, will give us a significant sign of considerate how dark matter contributed to its construction and how the Milky Way formed." The arrangements in the universe are thought to form in a bottom-up style, meaning that the larger stuff got this big by gathering lots of little things. Large galaxies, like the Milky Way, are recognized to cannibalize their minor mates, stealing their stars and gas. The occurrence of a huge population of trivial galaxies can solve some of the matters with our current knowledge of the cosmos.

The “dwarf galaxy difficulty” is one of these matters. Recreations propose that there should be more minor galaxies than what we have detected, and maybe the key is that our tools are only getting good enough and we have just ignored many of the substances out there. Virgo I was detected in the early data announcement of the Subaru Strategic Survey. The data signify about only 0.3% of the entire sky so, there could be many more minute galaxies out there.

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