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Prof. Brain Explains Why We Haven’t Seen Aliens Yet

Well-known physicist Prof. Brian Cox has made an entrance in one of astronomy's most intrusive and important questions. Given the high possibility of intelligent alien life prevailing in the incessantly massive universe, why have not we exposed any clear sign of it? This question is very old and it was Italian physicist Enrico Fermi, who put forward this question in the 1950s, in what’s now known as the Fermi paradox. He debated there is inconsistency between the high prospect of alien life existing and the total absence of hard sign that intelligent life has ever developed outside of Earth.

So he excellently asked “Where is everybody?” So, Professor Cox contemplates that he might finally have the answer. But you will perhaps not like it. 

Professor Brian Cox said: “One solution to the Fermi paradox is that it is not possible to run a world that has the power to destroy itself and that needs global collaborative solutions to prevent that.” 
Yup, basically there is a strong possibility alien’s wipe themselves out via political anarchy before they ever become advanced enough to start an interstellar search. He went on to warn: “It may be that the growth of engineering and science unavoidably surpasses the development of political skills, leading to tragedy. We could be forthcoming that position.”


  1. the only way to have one possibility to survive is remove the reins of politics from the hands of men, the AI is our only hope

  2. No! the only way to have one possibility to survive is remove and ban all religions !
    Religion is the mother of all evil in this world.

    1. Religion does not create Evil that already exists. It is the will of men that spreads Evil and not the will of God. If you believe in Evil and that it exists then you must also believe that God exists. God gives us the choice to choose him or choose Evil. Unfortunately men who choose Evil often usurp religion and commit Evil in the name of God.


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