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‘The More I Look At The Universe, The More I’m Convinced There’s No God’, Says DeGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is known for his outstanding research as an astrophysicist, publishing several works on both spirituality and science. While he openly claims to be agnostic, putting most of his faith in the universe, a recent interview may be evidence that he is losing his faith completely.

‘The more I look at the universe, the more I am convinced there is no God’

During an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Neil deGrasse Tyson continued his discussion on the universe and faith. While he usually shies away from the concept of God, he was a little more direct than normal. The interviewer asked Tyson directly if he believes in God or a “creator”, to which he replied, “The more I look at the universe, the less convinced I am that there is something benevolent going on.”
Neil deGrasse Tyson Looks for Answers:

Tyson has a very scientific mind that looks for evidence-based answers when it comes to spirituality. During the breaking interview, Tyson declared a wide range of natural disasters that could make life downright depressed for some people. Hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes and diseases can make life on Earth extremely hard to deal with.

While this may seem like a man disapproving his faith, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Tyson is simply pointing out that there is no proof of a creator. He later references that should science find this evidence, it isn’t a problem. This is simply where science stands as of now.

Tyson goes on to explain that religions are mentioned to as faiths because they often lack scientific evidence to back them up. This doesn’t mean that they are wrong, just that a person is trusting a concept or philosophy to be right. If the religion had solid proof of a benevolent God, they would be called “evidence” rather than “faith”. Instead of looking to stories for answers, Tyson is encouraging people to look for the scientific evidence in the world around them.


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  2. the bible is a book written by men who never even lived in jesus time.and edited by others at later times. duh you wake up

  3. i guess you believe in some magical man in the sky with a foot and a hand on all four corners of the world. riding a unicorn and shooting up with elvis and the easter bunny. grow up


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