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Scientists Find There Is A Distortion In Space And Time

NASA has confirmed that there is a distortion in space and time, and this news has been interpreted as proof that we do not understand our universe as well as we thought. According to physicist Francis Everitt from the Stanford University; “The space-time around Earth is being distorted exactly as predicted by the theory of general relativity,” There is indeed a vortex in space and time around Earth, and its shape precisely matches the predictions of the theory of gravitation postulated by Albert Einstein.

Even though it appears to look like something that should only matter to the scientific community, this extraordinarily important finding confirms the possibility of distorting time and space, using the distortion to make possible all the incredible things proposed in science fiction movies, making star-ships disappear to later appear somewhere entirely different in the universe.

The results were confirmed by scientists thanks to the results of the satellite Gravity Probe B aka GP-B. Time and space are, according to the theories of relativity proposed by Einstein, intertwined and form a four-dimensional fabric called “space-time.” The mass of the Earth creates a slit in this tissue, similar to what would happen if a heavy person sat down in the in the middle of a trampoline. According to Einstein, gravity is the motion of objects that follow the curved lines of the slit.

Basically, this is how scientists explain this incredible discovery: The idea behind the experiment is simple: Let’s say we decide to put a gyroscope in orbit around the Earth and we decide to point the spin axis toward some distant star which will serve as a fixed reference point. Because it is free of external forces, the gyroscope’s axis should continue pointing at the star forever, but if, for some reason, space is twisted, the direction of the Y-axis gyroscope should change over time. So, by registering this change in direction which is relative to the star, it would be possible to measure the twists of space-time. The type of vortex of space-time that is found around the Earth is believed to be duplicated and expanded elsewhere in the cosmos like around massive neutron stars, black holes, and active galactic nuclei. According to researchers, this discovery opens a new spectrum of possibilities that are literally unimaginable.

It looks like we are close to achieving what only science fiction movies managed in the past. The results of Gravity Probe B have given physicists a renewed confidence that the strange predictions of Einstein’s theory are indeed correct and that these predictions can, therefore, be applied in other cases. Original Article is here.

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  1. I believe there is no frame-dragging effect of gravity on mass, only on electromagnetic energy!
    Curiously, the Lense-Thirring effect in Gravity Probe B has the same value than the geodetic effect of the Earth around the Sun.
    NASA error?
    An interesting experiment!
    Understanding Gravity Probe-B experiment without math


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