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A Cosmologist Says He's Found Possible Signs Of A Parallel Universe

The idea of existence of parallel universes is not new but trying to find any evidence to prove it is quite hard. But one cosmologist claims to have found evidence of a parallel universe touching against our own universe as far back at the beginning of time. So before we go deep into this you might need to recall how the universe came into existence, Big Bang. For hundreds of thousands of years afterwards the Big Bang, the particles that were present at that time were too hot and energetic to form into atoms: the point at which atoms started forming, some 300,000 years after the Big Bang, is called as recombination. It also highlight the time when cosmic background radiation (CMB) started scattering over the Cosmos - a signal researchers use to look back into time and develop their theories.
Image Credit: Sandy MacKenzie/

What cosmologist Chary has spotted is a crash or a 'bruise' in this cosmic background radiation - and that may perhaps mean a collision with a parallel universe. Cosmologists consider that the 'bubbles' of distinct universes could be bumping with each other, dumping some material along the way, just like usual soap bubbles bouncing into each other would. Understanding CMB signals is extremely difficult, and Chary himself considers there's a 30 percent chance that what he's discovered is just background noise and not a tell-tale mark of a neighboring universe at all. It might also be a large spot of space dust.

The data used by Chary was gathered from the European Space Agency's powerful Planck telescope. By deducting CMB models from Planck's image of the Cosmos, he revealed patches of signals some 4,500 times perkier than they should have been, so based on the number of protons and electrons researchers believe existed in the very early universe.

At this [point, it's just an theory, and looking billions of years back into the past isn't at all that easy, but progress is being made just all the time. In a research paper Published online at, he writes "Unusual claims like evidence for alternate universes require a very high burden of proof. Searching for these alternate universes is a challenge."

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