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Scientists Discover Two Megastructures Deep Below The Earth’s Surface

Mother earth is a mysterious lady, wouldn’t you think? So mysterious that every day, a new structure or discovery reveals itself, giving us yet another look into the earth’s past. With that glimpse, we see our future in layers of intrigue. There are probably lots of things we have yet to see, and the latest findings shed new light on the inside of our planet.

From within the earth lies an enigma, a mesmerizing discovery by Arizona State University researchers, which is marveled by only a few? As reported in the Journal Nature Geoscience, this structure, located just above the earth’s core, is more than the planet’s mantel and yet, is separated from the surface and our familiar landscapes. In fact, there are two of these humongous structures, located around 2,896 kilometers below the planet’s surface – one below the Pacific Ocean and the other beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, they are at opposite sides of the planet and they are driving scientists crazy with curiosity.

So how large are these structures?

These new-found structures are taller than Mt. Everest – about 100 times taller, to be exact. They are blobs spanning the size of an average continent. However, they are made of much different material than the earth’s core or any part of the mantel – they are much denser.  Moreover, it seems that these ‘blobs’ are located within cavities, entrances leading into the depths of our planet!

So, what else is the earth hiding beneath her skin? There is one more thing, so far. Earlier this year, a study found an unknown oxygensource, followed by the 2014 discovery of a 700-kilometer ocean deep below the planet’s surface.

And just like this ocean, the mega-structures beneath the earth’s surface remain a mystery.

Scientists ponder on the meaning of these mysteries. Where did they come from? What are they made of? You know, the simple questions. One theory is that these large structures have the ability to explain much of what happened during the earth’s formation, and they could also explain tectonics and volcanic eruptions as well. According to newly published papers, the material of the blobs has been pushed down by plate tectonics, and they could be the remnants of materials from the earth’s formation 4.5 billion years ago.

Edward Garnero of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University said,
“While the origin and composition of the blobs are yet unknown, we suspect they hold important clues as to how the Earth was formed and how it works today.”

Scientists believe that the origin of these underground mysteries will soon be revealed. After all, if something unknown resides within the brain, a horde of neurosurgeons, scientists and psychologists would pursue the issue until it is resolved and understood. So why can’t these mysteries which lie beneath our earth’s surface be just as important? As we study the brain, so we must study our home planet. After all, it’s important to know and familiarize ourselves with what lies beneath our feet.

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