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Our Universe May Exist Inside A Supermassive Black Hole

Physicists agree that 13-15 billion years ago our universe was shaped by a Big Bang. But where did that Big Bang come from? A new theory suggested by a group of physicists offers the likelihood that our universe is nestled inside a black hole. We may have a mother universe that is one of many universes, and black holes may be the passageways among them, as reported by National Geographic. 

Dr. Nikodem Poplawski of the University of New Haven is one such physicist supporting this yet unprovable theory, according to The Mother Nature Network. Black holes are generally believed to be "death traps" with gravity that works like a high-powered vacuum from which nothing, even light, can escape. They are thought to be at the center of every galaxy, including our Milky Way. Once these black holes touch the limit of their singularity, according to Dr. Poplawski, and can no longer withstand the weight, of say, billions of suns, it leads to a big bang.

From The Mother Nature Network:

"According to Dr. Poplawski, the reason for such a limit (and, subsequently, the universe-creating explosion that follows) is that black holes spin. They spin at near-light speeds. This, in turn, produces a huge amount of torsion. Thus, such massive black holes are not just extremely tiny and enormously heavy, they are also twisted and compressed. The multitude of forces at work are so powerful that a bursting point is ultimately reached. This, Poplawski suggests, is how the Big Bang happened, however he prefers to call it 'the big bounce."

Dr. Michio Kaku has written about why he thinks the name "Big Bang" does not effectively describe the birth of our universe, and argues that string theory could best explain what created it:

"First of all, the Big Bang wasn't very big. Second of all, there was no bang. Third, Big Bang Theory doesn't tell you what banged, when it banged, how it banged.  It just said it did bang.  So the Big Bang theory in some sense is a total misnomer. We need a theory that goes before the Big Bang, and that's String Theory.  String Theory says that possibly two universes rammed into each other to make our universe, or maybe our universe is butted from another universe leaving an umbilical cord."

This black hole argument to explain the Big Bang is yet another one in support of the Multiverse Theory, which was once considered "the crazy aunt of quantum theory."


  1. This is a deeper extrapolation of my "universal/ quantum multi big bang entanglement theory " which will include not only the already widley accepted string theory as a contributing factor but , also the following. :
    1. GRAVITY : is pressure from our own universe ,yes gravity itself from the mass of the universe is definitely being applied to black holes in our universe and in other entangled universes beyond our farthest observable distances , therefore gravity as well must be playing a similar role there.This gravity pressure both from the mass of our universe and the black holes itself ,is forced into and possibly beyond 11 dimensions in the fabric of time and hyperspace . This is where string theory comes into play with its vast complex array of harmonic frequencies, the different pressures applied to the strings throughout the 11 dimensions( possibly more ) creates all the particles needed for the next universe creation . I believe the most basic particles fitting under the Higgs Boson are created at , or next to the center of the singularity itself at the bottom of the 11 ,possibly + hyperspace time dimensions . Black holes are the last , as well as the first objects in a dying and reborn universe . Yes , both stages of universal life and death have black holes as their source of death and eventual rebirth, the Alpha and the Omega, a repetitive cycle , infinity if you will , the effect influences the cause and the cause influences the effect.As time is also squeezed into a narrower hyperspace frequency a paradox in time and hyperspace is created and the cycle repeats.
    2. ELECTROMAGNETISM : acts as the containment field for the hydrogen and helium 3 being pushed towards a central gravity point of a black hole .
    Again , this super-massive black hole creates a magnetic field which acts as a containment field for the gases being pushed towards it because of its mass.
    The gases and dust collect around the event horizon of the last remaining super-massive black hole of the last big bang . the gasses accumulate to a point of Electrical discharge and if enough material has coalesced and the black hole penetrated deep enough in the 11 + dimensions then another big bang takes place but only with help of the next force..
    3. STRONG NUCLEAR FORCE: is also referred to as the "strong force" and it is another of the four basic forces in nature as well . The others being gravity, the electromagnetic force, as well as , the weak nuclear force.
    This force is directly responsible for the ignition of the black hole into the big bang it is basically fusion on steroids, the mass of the explosion is so huge it collapses the black hole immediately and within a split second the precious cargo of particles created in the black hole from the , vast complex array of harmonic frequencies ( String Theory ) . Wala' a universe is born ,
    4. WEAK NUCLEAR FORCE : this force may actually be responsible for the initial fusion chain reaction at the event horizon , as the reaction deepens inside the black hole the closer to the singularity it gets , the more the strong nuclear force takes over.. If the weak force were not to exist, many types of matter would become much more stable. Elements like plutonium and uranium could be handled without protection. Without the weak force, the sun would cease to exist. The weak force allows the fusion of protons and neutrons to form deuterium. The excess energy from this fusion is the source of heat from the sun , our star.
    Rinse and repeat , and here we are.... a universe that has been recycled in this way since infinity and beyond, and as other entangled universes go through the same process , our piece of the pie remains relatively stable... and all other entangled universes as well as ours benefit .

  2. The universal entanglement theory, I propose is nothing less than a series of constant yet most likely erratic big bangs. Picture if you will a night sky where you are about to witness a firework display. At the very end is a climactic moment called a "grande finale" . The fireworks display here is exactly what happens , in the birth, life and death of any universe , each firework represents a universe born living and expanding and then dying. You will notice for a brief period the fireworks intermingled, and this entanglement is actually responsible for the materials of each direct or indirect entangled universe to flow or try to reach a higher gravitational field found where the universes are intermingling at the very edges of each entangled universe. The combined interwoven interaction strengthens the magnetic fields at the point where these exotic transparent matter particles have gathered in abundance, creating new galactic superhighway filaments paved with transparent matter or commonly known as (dark) matter ,here is where hydrogen laden nebulae of dust and debree have a chance to coalesce into new stars , black holes , which eventually attract enough transparent matter to support a new galaxy . At the end of this process. The death of any universe had a built in equation for a rebirth, black holes as they die give up all the materials they recycled, this material eventually all clumps together into a hot dense point and with the help of invisible matter as a support structure , explodes into another big bang. I believe that time and matter both are created from this unphantomable scale of true universally entangled infinite universes. The process always repeats , and the time lines may actually guide, or be a blueprint for the next universe creation, and all it's diversities , maybe even something as insignificant as our tiny existence .

  3. The infinite number of multiverses entangled with our own , either directly or indirectly , are a true reality . Although we would , and could classify them as possible alternate realities ,deriving from one or more of the preceding or future alternate realities ( better known already as retrocausality universes , a universe in which the effect alters the cause) , these and all universes are actually entangled by an infinite number of quantum probabilities as well as possibilities . All these probabilities and possibilities are derived from living physical beings , from every corner of every entangled universe. The farther and yes , closer any and all universes entangle with each other , the more information is shared from one universal reality to the next , causing both retro and non retrocausality information on a quantum level to reach every single physical entity in any given entangled universe . You as an individual , as all individuals possessing a physical body anywhere in any universe , are capable of exchanging information about past , present , as well as future events, just by shutting out all around you and reaching out with your quantum based mind , to any other individual anywhere and in any time period , all for the purpose of exchanging information, to alter and create another possible quantum based reality. At the end of the life of this universe , our collective consciousness ( by our , I do mean every corporeal being in this universe) will be able to finally transfer the very last q-bit of information to the next set of entangled universes , this is the process of energy exchange that has stood from infinity to an infinite amount of other directly and indirectly untangled universes/multiverses. With this being said , non corporeal civilizations , having reached the pinnacle of q-bit information sharing , by being everywhere at the same time may find it easier to share said q-bit information... It is more than probable that any and all civilizations in any given infinite direct or indirectly entangled universes will reach non corporeal evolutionary status , if given enough time . Time and velocity are the two main factors to achieve any given mass , even quantum based informational mass , which will open the doorway to non corporeal status. The ultimate lifeform.

  4. Actually time travel is possible , just look at your clocks , put everything else out of your mind , feeling every second passing by , we are right now as we speak , traveling through time , the travel direction , is as such , we cannot unring a bell . So we experience a now and with every second passing ,we stay in this now!! Now is definitely now , it so powerful we must recollect the past , or invite the future . Not too many people realize this but , the true passage of time for all of us depends on one thing only , and that is how fast we as a galaxy are traveling . The speed of of our galaxy is about twice the escape velocity for its given mass. Another interesting tidbit is that we cannot change our time stream , because of our size relative to the mass of the galaxy we are traveling in. One cannot put an egg back together once it's been cracked, the time stream flows one way only , we known it as forwards. Now change the speed of our traveling galaxy , either faster or slower , and our time flow changes with it, if we travel faster than our time must slow down , if travel slower time speeds up .What if one of the next particles, they are looking for under the higgs boson turns our to be aucustic in nature , it could explain how dark matter changes it's state to dark energy becoming a superfluid . , what if dark matter is just transparent quantum photons , and once enough quantitative mass or an equivalent electromagnetic force that transparent photonic matter changes properties to a superfluid known as dark energy . This process can happen if the aucustical resonance frequency is at one point matched to the mass of the galaxy being held together and travelingat at least twice it's escape velocity for its given mass.

  5. Even thought we are all , as we like to call ourselves "biological " creatures, there is nothing saying that we may not be living in a very sophisticated simulation , as a matter of fact there is mounting evidence showing we may very well be. Now that doesn't mean our reality isn't real to us, of course it is. Our reality though may very well be artificial in nature, that just simply means to our society that we did not create it. Maybe we did and have forgotten, we are a civilization with amnesia , we or other civilizations have left plenty of clues along the way , not only on this planet but Mars as well as other moons and planets in this and other solar systems . Start paying attention to your perceptive reality and sure enough , if you look long enough and , hard enough you will notice ,time skips , repetitive pieces of perceptive reality , and plenty of recollections , that you've done what ever it is before. Only with an open mind can you as an individual break down ,this truly non existent barrier we've been taught to trust. It would be the equivalent of , as it states in our religious text , as eating from the tree of knowledge. Empower yourself with the truth so we may all meet our true creator/s ,,don't be surprised if we discover that we and / or other Alien / extraterrestrial civilizations , may be the ones behind the curtain after all, what will societies on this planet think and do then ? Will we all be able to handle the truth about everything ? Different timelines may be equivalently playing a major role in other civilizations traveling here , with the vastness of space and time , let's not forget relativity when dealing with time. Time is the only true unit of measurement , and it will eventually tell all.

  6. I wonder how long it will take our scientists to figure out how to halt cellular degeneration in the human race - essentially making us physically immortal. I have a feeling that it's not far away. If humans can find a way to become physically immortal, it could open up ways for us to explore the universe and give us the time we need to discover, prove or disprove any of the theories that prevail in today's science community.


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