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Graduate Creates Gun That Turns Tears Into Bullets

If you have a copy of It's A Wonderful Life and a soul, you may just have an infinite amount of ammo, as a design graduate has created a gun that turns your tears into bullets.

That's right, get out your copy of the Moana soundtrack and head to the shooting range – no more paying for bullets. 

The gun, shown off at Dutch Design Week, collects your tears as you cry. The tears trickle down the brass tubes into the main body of the gun, where they are frozen into bullets by a small bottle of dry ice.
 Yen-AnChen / Vimeo

"I'm a crybaby, huh? Say that again to my little friend here." Yen-An Chen / Vimeo

Designer Yi-Fei Chen reportedly created the gun after an "altercation" with her tutor, according to Dezeen. Chen says she created the gun as a "visual metaphor" for her struggle to speak her mind, rather than as a deadly weapon for people who are out of tissues.

Chen studied in the Netherlands and found it difficult to come out and disagree with her tutors. Disagreeing with tutors and questioning is expected in the Netherlands, but having been raised in Taiwan she didn't feel comfortable doing this. As a result, when her tutor set her what she considered an unreasonable deadline and then admonished her when she failed to produce work for this deadline, Chen was upset.

"I was too emotional to control myself, I could not hold my tears so I cried," she told Dezeen. "I turned my back to the others, because I did not want people to see me crying."

After the incident she had the idea for her tear gun and began working on it, completing it in time for Dutch Design Week.

The gun recently went viral after Taxi published an article on the weapon, with everyone making the same joke/threat.

During her graduation ceremony, Chen was allowed to point and shoot her tear gun at her tutor, which she did. As there have been no reports of injury, it's safe to assume that the gun isn't powerful enough to do any real damage, but nonetheless, it's a pretty cool concept.

More of how the gun works can be seen in this video from Yen-An Chen.

Thankfully, nobody has plans to make the gun any more deadly, or commercially available.

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