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Scientists Made An Amazing Discovery By Mapping 8000 Galaxies

Calculating the stars in the cosmos is like trying to calculate the total number of sand grains on a beach, it’s not possible. Even though approximations differ among different experts, the overall agreement is that there are no less than between 100 billion and 200 billion galaxies in our universe.

Just think about that for a sec, and now toss in billions of stars in each galaxy. Take our home galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, for example, which measures nearly 120,000 light years across, and holds up to 400 billion stars.In the video below, a group of researchers collected data on more than 8000 galaxies that surround the galaxy we live in, also stated above, the Milky Way galaxy. They plotted each galaxies movement and location in space, and learned that the Milky Way galaxy is part of one massive system that covers a number of other galaxies, stated to as a super cluster.

Let us take a glimpse at our galaxy the Milky Way, which measures approximately 120,000 light-years across. Lets do some math: 1 Light Year equals to 5,878,625,373,183.607731 Miles! Consequently, 120,000 Light-Years are a staggering 7.054351e+17 miles!

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