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Quantum Information Pioneers Wins Nobel Prize in Physics

The recipients of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics are John Clauser, Anton Zeilinger, and Alain Aspect. For "experiments with entangled photons, demonstrating the breach of Bell inequalities, and pioneering quantum information science," the prize was presented. The victors will each get a portion of the reward, which is worth 10 million Swedish kronor (or around 896,000 US dollars).

The three physicists were honored for their contributions to the testing of quantum entanglement, which is one of the key ideas in quantum mechanics. It is possible for individual particles to get coupled in a way that looks to (but really doesn't) violate the laws of physics in this unique quantum mechanical state.

Their work set the groundwork for what is now known as quantum information theory, which incorporates quantum teleportation and encryption as well as the theory that will eventually power quantum computers.

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