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Researchers Have Found A New Way To Turn A Black Hole Into A Power Station

A black hole's event horizon is impenetrable after something has passed through it, but mathematical work over the past several decades has revealed that it is possible to draw energy from a revolving black hole. Recent research has been published in Physical Review D, offering a novel strategy for extracting energy from black holes.

According to mathematics, a black hole has an ergosphere if it rotates. Theoretically, it is feasible to take part of the black hole's energy in this area, which lies beyond its event horizon—the point beyond which it would be impossible to escape the gravitational attraction of the black hole without traveling faster than the speed of light. Black holes may be made lighter by using quantum physics, according to Stephen Hawking's research. The mechanical technique taken by Nobel Laureate Roger Penrose necessitates adhering to certain orbits. Magnetic fields are the main topic of the new work.

Magnetic field lines frequently repeatedly split and rejoin in the magnetic fields of complex objects. For instance, the Sun exhibits this with tremendous energy bursts. This may also be the case with black holes, according to researchers. With the correct magnetic interaction, some of the energy from the black hole may be removed by the acceleration of particles away from it.

According to Luca Comisso from Columbia University, "black holes are frequently surrounded by a hot soup of plasma particles that convey a magnetic field." According to our idea, plasma particles may be accelerated to negative energies and significant quantities of black hole energy can be retrieved when magnetic field lines detach and rejoin in the proper manner.

This is thrilling from a sci-fi perspective because using a black hole as a source of energy allows you to extract far more energy than you put in. According to the experts, the procedure might be as efficient as 150 percent, which is unheard of on Earth. So if an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization had the technology, it may choose to employ a black hole as an amazing power source.

This process may already occur in nature without the aid of intelligent extraterrestrial life, which is fascinating from a scientific perspective. It is likely that magnetic reconnection in the ergosphere might help explain what we see. There are many phenomena around black holes that are not entirely understood, such as black hole flares that can be seen from Earth.

According to co-author Felipe Asenjo of Universidad Adolfo Ibanez in Chile, "our increased understanding of how magnetic reconnection occurs in the vicinity of the black hole might be crucial for guiding our interpretation of current and future telescope observations of black holes, such as those by the Event Horizon Telescope."

We may be able to meet our energy demands in the future by extracting energy from black holes.

In thousands or millions of years, humans may be able to live in the vicinity of a black hole without using stellar energy, according to Comisso. "Essentially, it is a technology issue. There is nothing that can stop it, according to physics."

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